Product FAQ

How durable are the Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps?

We only use premium quality materials in our Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps. Our canvas, ink, and coatings are formulated to work together to provide the highest quality, longest lasting product available. We have our own in-house UV test chamber and continually test our materials to ensure that the color will stand the test of time. Our Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps will last as long or longer than any other canvas prints available.

Can you clean a Canvas?

If your Canvas collects any dust, wipe it off gently with a clean, damp cloth. We do not recommend using any cleaners on the finished product.

My Canvas has a small scratch or blemish. What should I do?

If your Canvas does get scratched or bumped during its life, you may choose to conceal or touch up blemishes with pigment-based markers that dry quickly. We recommend Copic brand markers, available at art specialty stores.

How do I hang my Canvas?

Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps and Framed Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps arrive with pre-installed sawtooth hanging hardware, making them ready to hang out of the box.

What is the Frame material?

The frame material for Framed Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps is made from recycled plastic. This makes them environmentally friendly, as well as solid, durable, and lightweight.

What Frame colors are available?

Frames are currently available in contemporary matte black or rich walnut finish.

Do the sizes listed include the frame?

The sizes listed pertain to the live print size and do not include the frame. The frame adds 7/8” to each side of the print, for a total of 1 ¾” added to the finished size of the product. For example, if you order a 12”x18” Framed Standout, the finished product will measure 13 ¾” x 19 ¾”. The frame also features the same 1 ¼” depth as our Premium Canvas Gallery Wraps.

How should I clean my Framed Standout?

If your Framed Standout gathers any dust, you can wipe the Canvas and frame with a clean, dry cloth. We recommend micro-fiber cloth to limit any scratches or damage to the print.

How are the prints mounted in the frame?

The Canvas prints are mounted flush to the frame. This framed product differs from our Framed Gallery Wraps which feature a floating mount.

How are the Framed Standouts finished? What kind of hanging hardware is included?

Framed Standouts are finished with the same solid black backing featured on our Canvas Gallery Wraps. The backing includes pre-installed saw-tooth hangers.

How long does it take to produce a print?

It takes 4 business days to produce your print.

How do Rolled Canvases ship?

Rolled Canvases ship rolled in a tube. Up to 3 similar sized Canvases may be shipped in one tube on a single order, if they are shipping to the same address. This does not apply to International shipments.

How do I clean a Rolled Canvas?

Your Rolled Canvas can be wiped gently with a damp cloth.